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Refrigerant Air Dryer

Our RAD stands out from our fellow brands by being a core product rather than being an accessory which comes along with a compressor package. A lot a research, Planning and effort has gone into the product to make it one for the long run. learn more...

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Dessicant Air Dryer

Refrigerated dryers can provide pressure dew point as low as 30C. When lower dew points are required, the use of heatless dryers is warranted. learn more...

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Air Filters HV/HP

Purification of compressed air is needed because the air we breathe carries contaminants. Airborne particles, water, microbes, and chemical gases enter compressors. learn more...

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Auto Drain valves

Condensate drain valves remove condensate from the air system without losing excessive compressed air and without shutting down the system. Condensate can have harmful effects on a system when not removed. learn more...

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SPIN AQM make chillers, that are designed with closely matched compressor/refrigerant circuit combinations. These chillers are efficient, silent, easy-to-maintain and have low operating costs making them the first choice for numerous applications. learn more...

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After cooler

SPIN AQM has designed and developed Aftercoolers to add to its ever increasing product portfolio

Cooling Towers

SPIN AQM has introduced the new range of cooling towers which are rugged, long lasting and suitable for a variety of applications.